Need For Speed ProStreet (NFS ProStreet Racing) Free Download

Need for Speed: Pro Street was born under the pressure of a lack of new ideas. Every year, the NFS series delighted fans with the setting of illegal street racing and the opportunity to tune the car to your taste. If the second aspect of the Pro Street remained, the first game, released back in 2007, completely got rid of. Illegal competitions were replaced by quite official competitions, which to some extent brought the racing arcade game closer to the simulator, but only partially.

Need for Speed Pro Street has gained color and has become more youthful, so to speak. Racing events take place on official tracks, where the crowd cheers in the stands, and music is heard around, which is responsible for the local DJ. The game menu is stylized as graffiti, which hints at rebellion. In the game you are waiting for the race and only race, without any interference from the police.

The plot of the game is not a revelation, and it is present here solely so that the gamer has at least some goal. Actually, the goal for the user is to defeat the local "King of the streets" named Rio. However, before getting close to it, the player will have to overcome 4 opponents, each of which is the best in its type of competition. This leads to a simple truth: races are divided into several types, and cars are divided into several types, which forces the fan of virtual "rides" to maintain and improve 4 cars at once, 1 for each mode.

In NID For Speed Pro Stri, there was finally noticeable damage to cars. If you run into an obstacle or another car, your car may lose its bumper, windshield, rear window, hood, and other body parts. The graphics, in turn, have become more realistic.

System Requirements

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP.
  • Memory: 256MB of RAM.
  • Graphics: 64MB Video Card
  • Hard Drive: 1GB of free hard disk space


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