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Since the release of the first film about the incomparable hero James bond, many just dreamed of being in his place to save the world, and just to be a great and skilled spy, and now it has become a reality thanks to the game James Bond: Blood Stone. The creation of this action belongs to the popular company Activision, which tried its best to present an entertaining product to the players.

In the story of this game, the gamer as a secret agent bond must stop the terrorist actions of Greco. He wants to kill the entire delegation that arrived at the summit of the G-20 countries. The main character copes with the mission and is given a new one. A very famous biologist, Malcolm Tedworth, disappears. It works with the Ministry of defence of greater Britain. Everything happens for unknown reasons and there are suspicions that his works can be used by hackers. The investigation reveals its location-Istanbul. The MI6 organization assumes that the scientist deliberately wants to sell his biological weapons development to his enemies, which threatens the death of many people. Agent 007 must prevent evil intentions and intercept Tedworth even before the supposed transfer of secret data to enemies. When the agent arrives in Istanbul, he sees the situation differently-Malcolm was actually kidnapped, but this does not matter much, since the development can still fall into the wrong hands. Finding it is simply necessary to save many innocent lives.

The creators of the game James Bond: Blood Stone followed the style of the latest films about the irreplaceable hero, and the main game roles were played by legendary heroes. Their appearance is exactly the same as their cinematic prototypes, but you can also choose the appearance for the protagonist and choose any equipment for him thanks to the huge tools. The storyline in the project was created by the screenwriter of several parts of the film, which will allow you to participate in the film yourself. There is also a network multiplayer mode of passing, which supports sixteen participants.
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System Requirements: Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz or Athlon II X3 415e processor coupled with a GeForce GTS 240 to run James Bond: Blood Stone system requirements at recommended. You can expect to get around 60FPS at 1080p screen res on high graphics settings with this hardware.

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    1. System Requirements:
      CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™
      RAM: 1 GB
      OS: All Windows


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