Half-Life: Source Quadrilogy Free Download

Half-Life: Source is the laboratory complex that Gordon Freeman enters at the time of the accident. The laboratory becomes the place where the game story is embodied. The developed game product is based on the Source engine. In the course of the game, Gordon Freeman is presented not only as a hero, but also as an ordinary pawn that has no influence.

The development team paid attention to the plot depth and coherence of the story. The atmosphere of the game engages us from the first minutes. The laboratory environment and other moments are a reminder of the first part of the game Half Life. It is impossible not to notice a significantly improved graphical shell.

In the story, the measured laboratory life is disrupted by a bloodbath. You have a choice: use the tools at hand or not. If you refuse them, you will be covered by security guards. Fighting zombies is going to happen with the involvement of all that will fall under the arm. Developers have upgraded the Source engine. It lacks training, which was replaced with hints.

Half-Life: Source players are given complete freedom. The process is accompanied by asking questions to yourself about further game actions. This feature gives the game an atmospheric feel. Conflicts with monsters are solved either long and tedious, or simultaneously. There will be no hints. The easy way to solve problems is veiled. To find the right solution, you will have to try.

I was pleased to have a redesigned artificial intelligence in the game. Bots are smarter. The incoming help became useful, not helpless. Do not underestimate the capabilities of special forces. Just make a mistake, and you will feel the full force of it.

The proposed game is a continuation of Half Life and is an alternative option. It is characterized by numerous changes, both significant and not so much. I am happy with the updated engine.

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