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Mafia 3 – Mafia 3) - an action-Packed continuation of the long-playing action from the company 2K Czech.
This series has been a leader in the gaming industry for many years and has already won a large number of fanatics from all over the world.
The creators tried to make the third part truly unique and original, having managed to get recognition from fans long before the game was released for free sale. There are no analogues or significant competitors in the market for this toy yet.

This third-person shooter immerses players in a bright and not trivial story that takes place in the United States in the twentieth century, approximately the period of the thirties. At that time, America was going through the Great Depression, the period of prohibition and bloody robberies. Criminal groups and gangs began to control the power in the cities, because lawlessness was raging on the streets at this time, and the country's economy was in a very difficult state. The crime rate has increased significantly. Despite the ban on the sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages, underground business flourished, corruption developed, and illegal products were imported into the country by the ton. Alcohol was carried on cars and ships, which allowed captains to take bribes and profit from it.

The protagonist is in a difficult financial situation, because he was left without means of subsistence and without work, this forces him to take a crooked path and join the criminal world.
You will have the opportunity to go through a long and thorny path of becoming from an ordinary thief to an assistant to the head of a mafia gang, which has an influential position in its field.
All such criminal clans have their own leader, a real authority, who not only organizes criminal schemes, but also collects so-called tribute from the territories belonging to them, each time strengthening their influence and expanding it. The trust of such a high-ranking person is not easy to win.

The game is worked out to the smallest detail, both artists and software developers have done a great job here, combining excellent graphics, high technical characteristics and an original plot.
Having plunged into the game world of this project, you can feel like a full-fledged participant in the criminal world and witness intriguing, and sometimes very dangerous situations.

System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel I5-2500K, AMD FX-8120
  • RAM: 4GB
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: 2 GB (Playable on 1GB)

 Password: youtube@adeeldrew

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