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GameArise give you best games with special and unique style. We are an exciting of Game Compression. Let's build huge community for Game Lovers. This Website/Blog will be platform for those who want to Download Ultra High Graphic Games as well as Latest Software's. You can download latest games. We want your full participation in keeping this DREW community alive. You can contact us and share your thoughts. We are excited to hear from you. We’ll post reviews, Game Details, Latest Games Expected Releases, Mostly High Compressed etc.


Hi my name is Adeel, Some people calls me Candy and some called me sweeter than that. I am a gamer on YouTube and i make videos on different game topics. In addition to my hobby of making gaming videos, I also write about Tips and Tutorials about gaming here. Thank you for visiting here, I hope you often visit here. Let's Play A Game!

Everything good here is in my brother's name
I loved my brother and i miss him so much. Everything i do on this website is in memories of my beloved brother "Fasih". He was a great man and pen hearted person. He taught me to struggle hard and keep working until you won the game. I remember his words: "Let's Play A Game".

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