What is a GameArise?

GameArise give you best games with special and unique style. We are an exciting of Game Compression. Let's build huge community for Game Lovers. This Website/Blog will be platform for those who want to Download Ultra High Graphic Games as well as Latest Software's. You can download latest games. We want your full participation in keeping this DREW community alive. You can contact us and share your thoughts. We are excited to hear from you. We’ll post reviews, Game Details, Latest Games Expected Releases, Mostly High Compressed etc.

How do i get Game's?

All of your games products will be available as instant downloads in the same page of game. For Example: You open game to download the download link will be in the end of page. Our products always come in zip files. Please extract the content before installing and playing.

How do i Install?

First turn off your antivirus and windows defenders temporary than extract the game file. If you downloaded a game in parts make sure to download all parts and than select them all and extract together using winrar or 7zip.
Install the game, crack if required. Make sure to install 2 important softwares before playing the game.

What is password of game to extract?

Here's the list of password we used to protect archives.
  • adeeldrew@gamearise
  • adeeldrew@youtube
  • youtube@adeeldrew
  • gamearise@adeeldrew
  • adeeldrew.blogspot.com
  • yt@adeeldrew 
  • adeeldrew.com
⚠️If password is still not working contact us immediately. Please shear the game name and link of that page from where you downloaded the game. contact us

How do I fix WinRAR unknown format or damaged?

Fix Rar Files After WinRAR Says File Unknown Format or Damaged
Possible Reasons behind RAR file Corruption:
  • Install the latest version of WinRAR or 7Zip
  • Browse to select damaged RAR file and click on "Repair" button after it's repaired extract it.
  • If you downloaded in Parts: Select all parts with your mouse and extract them together. 

What is Highly Compressed?

File's witch are more than 1GB can be compressed to 500MB or split into two files and became easy to download.

Is download links safe and working ?

Yes! Every link in this Website/Blog is safe but there's no guarantee that it is safe on other websites we used to deliver or provide games/software's to you.
Yes! Every link is working fine. If you ever fined any link broken or missing inform us by filling up the form in the website visit page: contact us.

What can i do if I have a technical problem/ problem downloading games?

If you're having technical problems, example: game not working, file errors or files missing. you can contact us by filling up the form visit page: contact us..
if your having trouble in downloading or stopped to download in the middle: it maybe happened due to a bad or lost internet connection. Check your connection and try to download your Game again. Make sure you have a working program to unzip the file. Or write an email to gamearise@yahoo.com and we’ll do our best to help you!

Do games/software's products run on Mac and Win?

Our Games/Software's are only compatible with Windows. Games running also depends on the version of windows or system like 64bit and 32bit.

What (software) requirements do I need to play games?

Depending on the game you download, you need a Windows Computer.
You can review the requirements for each Game on the same page details are written in the bottom of pages.

In which language versions Games are?

We are not developing or creating games but all games are mostly in English or as you chose in the installation process.

How to Comment a YouTube Video or Photo in Posts?

Simple comment a image link and same goes to YouTube just comment the video link.
Image tips: You can upload image on facebook, instagram or googledrive and paste the link of that image in the comment box.

Have a Question

If you have any unanswered questions or further problems please write an email to adeeldrew@hotmail.com and we’ll be happy to help!
We’ll do our best to respond to your question as quickly as possible 24/7.

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